Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Put a Diamond in it.

It blows my mind, daily, how very lucky I am to work with the many talented people at Perkins+Will. On top of that, I usually have blog envy of the beautiful and talented women in my office. Here is a small slice of my favorites:

Estate of Grace :

When I listen to her talk about her adventures, when I walk into her apartment, and when I read her blog I fall in love. A lot. An old soul with an excitement for life that is inspiring.

Words on Style:

This woman is a tour de force. She makes me nervous, and she makes me crazy with drool envy over her musings and such. I totally stalk her on twitter (she knows this) and I pretty much find myself speechless in her presence (or I just run away b/c her impeccable style makes me feel like a 12 year old. {sigh}) Check out her shop, Colifichet, at Market Publique. Do it.

[title song: Semi Precious Weapons, Put a Diamond in it]

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